About Me

"Photography to me, is the art of capturing the ordinary and showing it in an extraordinary way”

My name is Ali. I am a Freelance Photographer based in Melbourne, AU. 

Photography has been my burning passion for the last 7+ yrs. Through these years, I have continued to work on diverse range of portfolios and met some incredible people while forging professional and personal connections, for which I am forever grateful and proud.

My shooting style, in essence, is cinematic street photography. I have always found myself drawn to the cinematographic aspects of the movies I watched while growing up and still continue to do so. One can safely assume this has played a big role in carrying over into my shooting style. Also, I enjoy both Digital and Film photography.

Fun Facts

Favorite Film Rolls - CineStill 800T & Porta 400

Favorite Camera system - FujiFilm & Sony

Bucket-list camera - Leica M6 TTL & M11

Thanks for visiting :)